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Andreas Fuhr, 39 years old, married with Sandra and father from 2 sweet girls – Josephine and Ronja.

Our 2nd daughter Ronja was born on the 18.08.2009 with a secure heart failure TGA – Transposition of the great Arteries. (I will write a little later on about TGA and you can also read more about it in the internet). On this day I promised her that I will do the Ironman in Roth near Nurnberg, when she makes it thru the 8 hour operation.

After all went well I’m standing to my word. Everything we went thru in that time made me make the decision that on my way to the Ironman the children to dedicate that have heart failures and to collect donations for them.

We found out that there a lot of children with a heart failure. Only in Germany each year about 6000 to 8000 children (0,8%) are born with a heart failure. Half of this children have to under go a heart operation within the first of there life. Lots of parents have the same problem like we did. Absolute differences on one side and on the other side lots of people and organizations that want to help you.

On this page you will find all the information over Organizations, who will get 100% of the money donated. I would be happy when you support me on my way. As Sportsmen who will help me to carry on my idée, or with a donation to help parents and children who have a heart fault.

With sporting greetings

Andreas Fuhr

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Jase Lewis · 10. Juli 2011 um 19:52

Well done Andreas. Very proud of you my friend and my heart goes out to you and your cause. Please supply details of sponsorship page and I will donate to your chosen charity.

Kind regards and well done on your enormous achievement 🙂


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