We have now english translations


from today on we have the main information about our story translated into english. Hope the information give you more information about heart issues and about my goal to survive the Roth Ironman in 2011.

Please find the english translations under the following links:
main page: http://lauf-fuer-kinderherzen.de/?page_id=266
story: http://lauf-fuer-kinderherzen.de/?page_id=274
TGA: http://lauf-fuer-kinderherzen.de/?page_id=283

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2 Responses to “We have now english translations”

  1. Edeltraut Fuhr 11. Jan, 2010 at 17:36

    Hello were do i go to read the English version can not find thank you

  2. Hi Edeltraut, I add this information (links) in the Article.